It's all in the details

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Jan 2, 2020

It's all in the details

Many of us hot rodders have often struggled with integrating aftermarket parts with original parts. It’s also an issue that aftermarket manufacturers struggle with everyday. Many times these old cars and trucks have decades of rust and body flex from the abuse they have taken throughout the years. The structure that was there is not as sound as it once was, and they were not built off the line with the idea that they would once be highend show vehicles with millions of scrutinizing eyeballs looking down on their every body gap.

We all know, but often forget, that we are restoring these classics to a new standard that they were never intended to be. We expect all of the pieces to fit together near perfectly, without us having to “massage” any of the parts. Ask any shop owner, good body man, or interior artist, & they will tell you that their customer expects that type of finish, & many times doesn’t understand why the cost of their project is beyond what they had in their original budget.

It’s often times easy to blame the aftermarket manufacturers and their products as to why the labor hours on a restoration are as high as they are. Maybe it could be that it’s just our ex- pectations of these products are really higher than they were designed to be, after all they are designed to fit just like the originals. Yes, there are many factors that go into the cost of a restoration, but there is one company that designs their products with that in mind. Keeping the cost down of any restoration is good for everyone. It allows more people to build more cars and trucks, and that’s good for everyone on the automotive “food chain”.

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