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With over 30 years of experience and 7000+ products, MGT reinvented the classic car industry by solely focusing on nothing but manufacturing restoration parts for classic cars.


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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

With all the modern technologies such as 3D scanning and powerful software, anyone can be a reverse engineering expert. So what makes MGT different from others? Attention to details.

01 Master Sample

With the modern technology, the reproduced part could be almost identical to the master sample.  However, most of the original samples are rusty and beaten up. The chances of finding a brand new NOS part is close to zero.  

Our R&D team in US and Europe first work on the original cars and samples before the initiation of the reverse engineering process.   This additional process is critical but often ignored by others.

03 Tooling Design

The exaggerated shape of the body panels makes classic cars the timeless pieces, but also becomes a nightmare in reverse engineering.  

Modern technology helps engineers to expedited the process, but humans still play the only role when it comes to tool design. With the experience of our research and development team, MGT keeps producing parts that impacting the industry.



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