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Why doesn’t the product fit on my car?

Most classic cars have gone through the following scenario,

1. Been reworked to a different degree
2. Been on the road for decades
3. Been in an accident

Every car is different to a certain degree due to these facts.  This is why the same panel may fit one car perfectly but not on another.

As a result, it is normal if the brand new panel needs to be worked on since every car is different. Please make sure going  through a thorough test fit before applying any paint job.

There’s a defect on the product.  What should I do?

Several different types of defects may occur on the brand new products.  Please contact the customer service of the store where the product was purchased for exchange/return.

I have questions regarding the product application. What should I do?

Please contact the customer service of the store where the product was purchased.

How do I know if the product I’ve purchased is a MGT product?

The carton box would be printed with MGT logo.  Also, the MGT sticker will be on the product itself as well.


The engineering behind each single product is different.  That is why the prices vary across different brands for the same products.

Body panels made by kirksite crush tool have lower tooling cost, which translates to lower unit cost.  

Stretch form pressing tool made of casting steel is the highest form of tooling manufacturing,  so the unit cost would be higher.  However, this ensures the consistency and durability of the tool and products.

Can you ship your product directly from the factory?

MGT, as the manufacturer, does not provide service to the retail market.  Please contact one of our distributors for more information about our products.



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